Hammer & Stain DIY Studio


About Hammer & Stain…

Hammer & Stain is a DIY craft studio that holds classes and workshops. 

Classes are for a group of people who have chosen a project or 2 that they would like to do at a scheduled date and time.  

Workshops are for a specific project planned by Hammer & Stain that are at a specific date and time.  You must register for workshops.

In either case, Jane & Barry (or their staff) will walk you through the creation of your craft. Starting with the raw materials.  There are 16 stain colors, and about 45 paint colors.  They have stencils that you can use, different embellishments.  You have to opportunity to create a personalized piece or something simple.  They don’t just do wood projects either!

The great thing about their process is you can be the least crafty person in the world and walk out with something beautiful.  As Jane explained to me people come in all the time and say they aren’t crafty or artistic.  She simply tells them “You don’t have to be crafty; we do that for you.”  Now, if you are the opposite side of that spectrum, then you just have at it!  It is a truly fun experience.

I found their prices to be reasonable.  Projects start as low as $25 and go as high as $85.  They can also make custom designs or larger pieces, which are priced accordingly.

If you are looking for something to do with a group, Hammer & Stain has you covered!  They do Office Parties, Children’s Parties, Bachelorette Parties, Bridal showers, Birthday Parties and so much more.  Bring your food and drinks, decorate, play some music and ENJOY! 

If for some reason you can’t make it to the Hammer & Stain studio, they can come to you. How awesome is that?!




The first word that came to mind when entering in their studio was Charming!  Now granted I was there during a time where I could chat with the owners with minimal distractions.  Everything was in its place and neatly organized.   I am sure it’s a bit different when there is a class going on!

There were projects all over the walls, but the walls were not crowded.  They did a wonderful job of showcasing, without overwhelming.  

After her career in management Jane and her husband Barry, a retired police officer, turned in their Wisconsin winter coats and boots for some Florida sunshine and sandals earlier this year. With a passion for crafts opening Hammer & Stain Punta Gorda was a perfect fit.  “It fills a niche,” Barry said.  They love working with the crafters that come into their studio, and the fact that everyone walks out with something that they love. 

I can’t thank Jane and Barry enough for allowing me to sit down with them, share our stories and laugh!  Boy did we laugh.  They are a beautiful couple and I am very excited to see all that they as well as Hammer & Stain have in store!  

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Hammer & Stain, Punta Gorda

208 Tamiami Trl. Suite 112
Punta Gorda, FL 33950